I’m OK with rest days, Are You?


I honestly believe that sometimes you have to commit to a rest day. I have been fighting a dreadful cough for over a week, but I keep pushing myself to show up everyday.

I have my reasons for doing this but I realised last night.. While my body was aching, my head was thumping and my cough had defiantly escalated. That if I continued this way I was going to be no good to anyone when the time came and really mattered.

So today I went back to bed. I have slept in, drank honey tea and I will go back to bed once again!

And yano what?? I’m ok with that!

My body was sending me all the signs and messages to slow down.
So Stop and listen to your body, if it needs a break be ok with that and let it happenπŸ™.

Stay wild and free βœŒοΈπŸΎπŸŒžπŸ’“πŸ πŸΆ


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